Prince Harry Attends King Charles III's Coronation Alone | A Royal Solo

Prince Harry attends his father's coronation at Westminster Abbey without Meghan, stirring further speculation about ongoing family tensions.

Prince Harry Attends King Charles III's Coronation Alone | A Royal Solo
King Charles III's Coronation and Prince Harry

A Royal Family Affair with Notable Absence

The Coronation of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey was a grand event attended by numerous world leaders, dignitaries, and members of the Royal Family. However, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, arrived and left the event alone, fueling further speculation about the state of relations between him and his family. Let's delve into the details of Prince Harry's attendance at the historic ceremony.

Prince Harry Goes Solo at Father's Coronation

The Duke of Sussex: A Lone Figure at the Ceremony

At his father's coronation, the Duke of Sussex sat two rows behind his brother, the Prince of Wales. His wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, remained in the US with their children. According to BBC News, Prince Harry was not invited to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony to greet the crowds after the ceremony.

Prince Harry by himself

A Quick Exit and Rumored Return to the US

Upon the conclusion of the coronation, Prince Harry promptly left Westminster Abbey and is believed to have headed to Heathrow Airport. His quick departure raised eyebrows, as it marked the first time he participated in a public event with his family since the release of his controversial memoir, Spare.

The Royal Family Gathers on the Balcony sans Prince Harry

King Charles III and Queen Camilla Celebrate with the Royal Family

King Charles III and Queen Camilla were joined on the Buckingham Palace balcony by other working members of the Royal Family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children. Prince Harry's absence was a striking contrast to the united front displayed by the rest of the family.

Meghan and Archie Celebrate a Milestone in Los Angeles

While the Royal Family gathered in London, Meghan and their son Archie celebrated his fourth birthday in Los Angeles. A source told Page Six that Prince Harry made "every effort to get back in time for Archie's birthday."

King Charles III and Prince Harry 

The Impact of Spares on Royal Family Relations

A Memoir That Sent Shockwaves Through the Monarchy

Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, detailed fall-outs and disagreements with his family members, contributing to the strained relations between him and the rest of the Royal Family. The decision for Meghan to decline the coronation invitation is widely seen as a result of these ongoing tensions.

Last month, it was revealed that King Charles III tried to stop Prince Harry from taking legal action against newspapers over alleged phone hacking. Court papers disclosed that Prince Harry was "summoned to Buckingham Palace" and told to drop the cases due to their impact on the family.

A Family Reconciliation in the Future?

As Prince Harry attended his father's coronation alone, it begs the question: will the Royal Family be able to reconcile and move past their differences? Only time will tell if they can come together again as a united front.