Enter the Spatial Age with Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, Apple's first-ever spatial computer, heralds a new era of spatial computing, revolutionizing our interaction with the digital world.

Enter the Spatial Age with Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro


Welcome to the future of computing with the Apple Vision Pro, Apple's first-ever spatial computer. This revolutionary device is set to change how we interact with the digital world, blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital realms like never before​.

Unleashing Unprecedented Experiences

Apple Vision Pro is not just about high-tech specs - it's about creating extraordinary experiences. Whether it's work or play, this device redefines our interaction with apps, memories, entertainment, and even the concept of space itself.

Reshaping Workspace and Entertainment

With Apple Vision Pro, apps can fill the space around users, be moved anywhere, and scale to the perfect size. This provides an infinite canvas that transforms workspaces and entertainment experiences, allowing for multitasking and creating a personal movie theater experience that is truly immersive.

Reviving Memories and Enhancing Communication

Apple Vision Pro lets users capture and relive memories with spatial audio, transporting them back to special moments in time. FaceTime becomes spatial, enhancing communication experiences by using the room around the user to create life-size reflections of participants and spatial audio.

Apple Vision Pro

The Power Behind Apple Vision Pro

Revolutionary Operating System and User Interface

Built on the foundation of Apple's decades of engineering innovation, the Vision Pro introduces the world's first spatial operating system, visionOS. This revolutionary OS delivers powerful spatial experiences, with a new input system controlled by a user’s eyes, hands, and voice.

Advanced Materials for Incredible Performance

Apple Vision Pro utilizes the most advanced materials possible, ensuring the device delivers incredible performance, mobility, and wearability.


The Apple Vision Pro is more than just a device – it's the dawn of a new era in computing. With this revolutionary spatial computer, the line between the digital and physical world is becoming more blurred, leading us into the spatial computing age.